“My father taught me everything I know about general contracting,” states Alcides “Al” Serrano proudly.

A native of El Salvador, Al followed his father, Herlindo Serrano, to the United States in 1997 where he then assisted his father with a wide variety of commercial and residential projects. 

“We built cabinets, installed tile and wood floors.  Upgraded crown molding and trim.  We did just about everything together.  I was only seventeen when I came to the United States and I needed to work to help support my family.”

While working with his father, Al attended Richland and Eastfield Colleges, where he took courses such as field engineering and computer design and blue print.  Meanwhile, his father taught him the importance of taking personal responsibility for everything on the job site. 

“If you see something wrong, fix it,” states Al emphatically. “That’s the kind of work ethic he instilled in me.”

“My father had a favorite story he would always tell me,” continues Al. “A homeowner needed a new cleaning service so they ran an ad in the local paper.  Two very experienced women responded.  When the first woman arrived, the owner’s broom had fallen onto the floor in the entranceway.  She stepped over it and then entered the house for the job interview.  When the second woman arrived, she saw the broom, bent down, picked it up and leaned it against the wall before proceeding on to the interview.  Guess which woman got the job?”

Later, Al was offered a position with the Dalmac Construction Company in Richardson, Texas, as a commercial general contractor.  There, he enhanced his college training with real life experience in window and door installation, basic electrical work, painting and plumbing.  That position was followed by general contracting positions with two other prominent Dallas-area companies:  Julian P. Barry General Contractor and Osburn Contractors.  As general contractor, Al was responsible for coordinating and managing people, materials, and equipment; budgets, schedules, and contracts; and the safety of employees as well as that of the general public.

In 2003, Al applied for a position as subcontractor for Dallas Concrete in Lewisville.  For the next six years, he learned everything there is to know about concrete.  “I managed work crews on up to 12 different projects at a time,” said Al.  “It was an incredible learning experience. I was responsible for reading blue prints, surveying the project scope, assigning work teams and all the other aspects of the project, including inspecting the form, rebar installation and pouring.”

By 2009, Al realized he had hands-on experience with just about every aspect of home and commercial remodeling, including the importance of maintaining good communication between the client and his team. 

“My father’s dream was to start his own business,” said Al. “He always told me that I was still young enough to make it happen for me.”  As a result, and with the support and encouragement of his wife and three children who live in the Casa Linda area of East Dallas, Al decided to take the leap and create his own full-service general contracting company: Triple SSS Contractor.

But, as he had helped his father with various freelance residential projects throughout the years, Al noticed that, “Our relationship changed from him managing me on projects to me managing him.” 

Sadly, Al’s father passed away shortly after he started Triple SSS Contractors, but Al proudly remembers the important lessons his father taught him. 

“If we’re called for a project,” said Al.  “I want it to be because of our quality workmanship, not because we’re the lowest price. My family’s reputation is at stake.”

Al Serrano has more than 12 years experience with construction and remodeling.